Right to Bare Arms

IMG_9638-copy G63A7907-copylow G63A6191low G63A4263 G63A0942.copy-copyweblow G63A0175-copylowG63A4188lowG63A7604.copy222lowRecently I have noticed some negative comments on my Instagram feed about women of a certain age showing their arms. Why is that men are allowed to show their arms as they age, but women are made to feel ashamed of their aging bodies? How you dress, express yourself, what you choose to wear and reveal is all a matter of personal choice. It angers me off when people are told that they can’t wear something or that they have to act a certain way, mostly invisible, when they hit 60-years-old(which is young!!!!) Let’s celebrate and empower men and women of all ages! I’ll be sharing photos of glorious women baring their arms on my instagram feed all day. If you would like to join the conversation post your photos with the hashtags #advancedstyleuncovered #advancedstylerighttobarearms