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Advanced Love: Iris and Leonard Kaplan

g63a7242Iris: We’ve been together 70 years. We met through friends in the city and I got him a date with my boyfriend’s sister. Then, I liked him and I called him up for dinner, and three months later and we were engaged. It was love at first sight.
The secret to staying together for so long is an attraction that starts in the very beginning and stays there.

We haven’t had it that difficult, we never really fight. We’ve never had a big fight. Have we?

Leonard: No.

Iris: No, never. We get along really well.

Leonard: Yeah, I do what she wants!

Iris: My father told him the secret to a good marriage with me would be to do everything I want (chuckles), always say yes, and he does! It’s a long time. I’m more in love than ever because we are together all the time, we are never apart. We are absolutely always together and we really never been apart.