Advanced Love: Evita and Hans Dating at 97

My husband passed away in 2000 after a “beautiful marriage” of 44 years. Adapting to my new life alone I decided to move closer to my daughter, grandchildren and great grandchildren in Santa Rosa. As time went by I desired a more active social life and companionship. One day I visualized not being alone and I made a list and talked to the man upstairs. “Number 1, he must be a widower who had had a happy marriage. Number 2, he must be a gentleman-respectful and loving.”

Two days later I received a card from Varenna at Foutaingrove retirement community inviting me to lunch. I was so impressed by what they had to offer that I immediately decided to sell my home in Santa Rose and become a resident of the community. While waiting for the house to sell I attended one of Varenna’s monthly parties called “Sip and Savor”
While I was at the party, this very nice-looking gentleman made eye contact with me. When he heard I was going to move in, he said, “may I call you?” and I replied with a smile, “that would be nice.”

Hans and I have been constant companions ever since. I’m 97 and he is 12 years my junior, anyone my own age wouldn’t be able to keep up! We have been on hot air balloon rides, road trips, and zip lined through the treetops together. We speak freely about our former spouses. We do love them, but we let them go. However, we feel that they are still with us in spirit and that they approve of our relationship. So it’s a beautiful discussion about our past experiences. You can love people and miss them, but you can’t bring them back. And they would want you to move forward and find love like you had.”-Evita

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