“How extraordinarily fortunate we are to be living in a time where ideas and products are being brought to market for the comfort and convenience of humanity. A brilliant example of this is TENA_US intimates, a new line of personal pads for the cleanliness and convenience of so many of life’s eventualities and possibilities. This affects all the sexes equally…. one of those unspoken realities we are rarely willing to discuss. I say “THANK Goodnes FOR THE MOST PRIVATE AND PERSONAL PROBLEMS BEING DISCUSSED AND MOST IMPORTANTLY SOLVED”.- Colleen Heidemann

Worldwide, 1.2 billion women, aged 45+, will experience incontinence in their lifetimes. I always love working on projects that bring visibility to products which enhance the lives of people at any age. Check out my  second video for TENA above starring the always incredible Colleen Heidemann.


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