Date Archives 2019

Scheveningen Beach

I was just in Amsterdam for a signing for my latest book, Advanced Love. On one of my days off a dear friend of mine asked if I wanted to take tour of The Hague. After a magical afternoon, driving around in her vintage jeep, we met up with her family for dinner at a beach nearby. Walking to the restaurant I noticed the most gorgeous woman. She was heading towards her car with her family, dressed in red and white, with the most radiant smile. I asked if I could take her photograph and she told me that she was a photographer herself. After taking a few photos she told me that she had just come from the doctor and that this experience had made her day a bit brighter. She said,” Even if you are very ill, you can still be happy.” I snapped a few more photos of her and her husband and said goodbye. Walking to the beach I was filled with an overwhelming sense of gratitude for all the extraordinary people I have been able to meet throughout the years of doing this project.