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Like Grandma, Like Granddaughter

Once again here is the gorgeous Lois Kinley and her equally stunning granddaughter Ashley modelling one of Lois’ original designs. Lois’ grandmother taught her how to sew at a young age and  since retiring she has had even more time to spend on her life long passion for fashion. If you are interested in purchasing one of Lois’ custom made pieces email Ashley at .

Not Your Average Grandmother

I met Lois Kinley at a book signing a few weeks ago. Her granddaughter Ashley told her about my blog and book and knew that she would be a perfect candidate for Advanced Style. I finally got the  chance to photograph  Lois outside of her  home in East New York, Brooklyn. Lois has an incredible eye for color and texture. She has always loved fashion and now that she is a retired postal worker she has more time and freedom to express her personal style. Look out for some more great shots of Lois Kinley coming soon!