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An Impromptu Advanced Hat Tour(Video)

I was feeling blue so I decide to jump on an impromptu Zoom call with my dear friends Judith and Tutti. We started to do a hat tour musical and crazy silliness ensued. If you can handle a bit of cuckoo fun, heres the video above. I’m so grateful for my friends during these trying times. Sending love to you all.


Tutti Bennett’s Quarantine Head Scarf Tutorial(SEE VIDEO)

I gave my dear friend Tutti Bennett an impromptu call over Zoom and asked her to share some Quarantine beauty secrets. Check out what happens in the video above.


Collective Wisdom:(Video)

Many of you have asked how my models, muses and friends are dealing with these incredibly difficult times. I always turn to those older than myself for insight and wisdom and so I asked some of the Advanced Style ladies and gentlemen to share some collective comfort, gratitude, joy and reflection with all of us. More than ever, it’s important to honor, celebrate and protect the lives of our respected elders. I hope you enjoy these Advanced Antidotes shared by Arlinda McIntosh, Colleen Heidemann, Vicki Teague-Cooper, Sue Kreitzman, Anado Mclauchlin, Richard Schultz, Tutti and Paul Bennett, Marsha Music, Elizabeth Kirkpatrick, Rita Hammer, Valerie Von Sobel, Judith Boyd, Joyce Carpati, Irene and Mike Coyazo, Alice Carey, Carola Vecchio, and Sarah Jane Adams. Thank you Antonia Hemgesberg for editing! Sending love and strength to you all -Ari

Fruto Do Conde

Last year I traveled to Brazil to give a talk for a creative Facebook Conference. Before traveling I connected with Denise Faertes who offered to be my unofficial tour guide in Rio. Her family showed me the best time, driving around and listening to soul music, lunching at vegan spots around town, and playing dress up with items from her wonderful collection Fruto do Conde. Check out more of her work Here.