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Advanced Style Around The World

The other day Advanced Style was featured in one of Vienna’s largest newspapers derStandard. My photos, including a great cover shot of the Idiosyncratic Fashionistas are displayed throughout the issue . Jean, Valerie, Lina and I got together for brunch to catch up and look at their wonderful faces on the newspaper cover. Its great to see older ladies with great style getting the attention they deserve.
On another note Valerie broke her right wrist, but she doesn’t let that stop her from looking as stylish as always. In the video below she shows how you can even add some style to your cast, proving that style really can be healing. If you are in need of a stylish cane and other helpful products check out this great company OMHU .

Advanced Style Feature For Vogue Japan

The other day when posting about Jean, of the “Idiosyncratic Fashionionstas”, I mentioned a super cool secret project that I was working on. Vogue Japan  has invited me to do an Advanced Style jewelry series for them. My first slide show is up now on under jewelry or CLICK HERE for the direct link . Make sure you look through all six photos and enjoy some pictures from the shoot above. I will be doing two more jewelry series, so if you have any suggestions of who I can photograph feel free to send photos  to I’d love to hear from you either way. Remember we can continue or conversation on Twitter:!/AriSethCohen .