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A Couple That Styles Together Stays Together

[Text: Maayan Zilberman]

This week for Mondays with Maayan I’m focusing on style amongst some of my favorite iconic couples. Every week I’ve been sitting with different women or men, finding out what drives their unique style and what makes them choose what they do as they advance in age.
What’s been exciting me most is my subject’s personal history, each delightful person offering advice that I can apply to life at the age of 30… things I can think about as I get dressed in the morning, when I choose whether to invest in a new dress or buy it for $5 at a thrift shop… and of course, when to pay most attention to my intuition.

This week’s featured Advanced Style couples are artists, designers, and musicians. We talk a lot on this site about how dressing up can heal, and how much maintaining your own sense of style will keep you feeling young as you get older. I love how each of these (very different!) couples enhance their partner’s sense of style, and how they inspire one another to be vibrant and vital and creative.

Ari and I have been talking about how here in New York our friends and partners influence one another, and how as we get older we adopt characteristics of the people closest to us just as often as we seek individuality. This week we’re celebrating the beautiful outcome of two people encouraging eachother’s imagination and self expression.
(Fingers crossed, Ari and I will be able to get you all some style tips straight from some of them!)