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Prada Intuition

[Photos: Ari Seth Cohen, Text: Maayan Zilberman]

In the fashion world, Prada is said to be the most prominent example of a new form of inward-directed luxury. While in decades past luxury was explicitly displayed, today an understated luxury is sought.
This woman whom we met yesterday exemplifies the very characteristics we all love in Miuccia Prada, the label’s visionary designer. Ari and I love her array of subtle style references: Safari hat and jacket signify the luxury of travel while a surprising combination of prints showcases her confidence to play with clothes. It’s her style intuition that reminds me most of Miuccia, who often shows off the looks she designs far better than any of the models on her runway.
It’s her life experience and understanding of inward-luxury (see Monday’s interview with Debra and MaryAnn) that bring the clothes to life.
Being Italian has something to do with it, we’re sure. But either way…we’ll be Miu Miu to this lady’s Prada any day of the week!