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Suzanne, Gold Coast

I met Suzanne and her lovely husband on my trip to the Gold Coast a few months back. They will appear in my new book Advanced Love, out early next year, but available for preorder now HERE ! I can’t wait to share all the incredible couples I have met and photographed over the last few years. For now here is a shot of Suzanne, solo, in one of her wonderful handmade dresses. For more photos of Suzanne check her instagram HERE.

A Long Line of Presentation

I ran into Rose near central park this past weekend.She shared some of the knowledge that she has acquired over the past 79 years. Rose told me, ” There was always a long line of presentation. Not one item should outdo another. The pieces should compliment one another, to create one complete picture. This is how it used to be,there was an elegance before. We were working towards the face, everything was meant to flatter the face.”
When I asked her why she wears gloves, she simply responded,” To protect my hands.”