Hint of Mint

I passed this lady in SoHo, on a break from work. The sun was shining and her mint green dress looked sweet on a beautiful Summer’s day!

  • wow, she looks incredible! mint green is not an easy color to wear, but it's great against her pale skin and light hair.

  • I'm still trying to decided whether mint is a nice colour. The above imagine has leaned my judgement more over to the side of 'yes', but can I just mention, she has an AMAZING figure. I can only hope I have that figure when I'm her age!

  • How kool…reminds me of Sharon Stone. She looks lovely and very young.


  • Now she looks absolutely STUNNING! What a classy look, from the hair to the shoes.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, she looks really great.
    By the way: You are doing a great job.

    Gerhard, 56, Germany