A Stylish Duo

Last night I went to dinner with my mom and as I was walking through the restaurant I noticed this beautiful couple sitting with their family. Normally I wouldn’t want to interrupt someones meal, but I just had to ask them if I could take their photo. They were great sports and their family cheered them on as I snapped a few shots!

  • Zoe

    I love the turban!! Great shot!

  • What a terrific couple.
    So well dressed and charming looking.

    I am so glad you asked to take their photo.
    It makes me happy to look at them.
    So thanks!
    Your blog is really unique and interesting.


  • Carla

    How delightful and alive they are! I can't help but smile when I look at them. Thanks for sharing!

  • Ah I love how everyone always looks so happy in your photos! They are a stylish couple, I just adore her turban and huge necklace, so chic!

  • They are adorable! I love the gentleman's hat, and her turban! Awesome.

  • that's fucking adorable.

  • oh my god, i love them!

  • barbara

    Simone de Beauvoir & Jean-Paul Sartre dans "La Coupole"…
    I absolutely LOVE this wonderful couple. Thank you.
    What happened to your site, Ari?

  • What a gorgeous couple. I love your blog. Not just for the fabulously dressed elders, but because you pause long enough to enjoy other people AND tell them AND honor them! Brava!

  • Oh so lovely! I wish they were my parents, or grandparents!

  • Chic! Love the turban.

  • They look fabulous and, more importantly, so happy together! Love that turban.

  • OMG! I don't usually say OMG but this totally made my day. Amazing.