Waiting For The Bus

A great way to see New York’s best dressed is to pass by the bus stops and benches Uptown . After a lovely lunch with Doris we decided to take a small walk around the Upper West Side. She gave me some history about the buildings in her neighborhood and we ran into the lovely fellow pictured above. As we passed by the local drugstore Doris waved to two women sitting by the window. She told me that she had seen one of the women for years, and that they always waved at one another and probaly had shared many similar experiences.

  • Very classy!

  • it's an awesome looking hat and keeps you warm in winter, that's a winner

  • Wonderful color coordination. Thank you for sharing!

  • I love the way his hat and sweater match – or seem to.

  • Wow. Gentlemen, please take note of this man's outfit! haha =]

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