Summer Heat, Keeping Cool: Advice On How To Stay Cool From Broadway Star George Mann

[Photos: Ari Seth Cohen, Text: Maayan Zilberman]

Ari and I were walking after work yesterday and kvetching about the heat, as if it were our first summer EVER in New York City. Being it my 16th summer in this sweltering mess, I thought it about time to get some advice from our elders on how to make it through the season.
Our biggest question is how to look chic while covered up. I’m always two shakes away from leaving the house in a swimsuit, and then think twice when I imagine what Ilona, Carol, or Tracy might say to that.

As we strolled along Madison Avenue after dinner time, Ari and I had the pleasure of meeting this enchanting couple who answered our prayers with solutions to the temperature issue. With such infectious smiles we realized that with their attitude you don’t even notice the heat!

We first noticed George Mann, retired Broadway actor, because of his crisp charcoal linen suit and pressed white shirt. We love the playful floral pattern of his handkerchief that plays off the retro look of his wife’s silk jersey dress. They said “we dress down all day but always dress up to go to dinner, no matter the season.”

Both husband and wife have impeccable taste when it comes to eyewear. Lots of you ask us how to choose frames that are vintage but not too costume-y… well, here’s a perfect example. We also love George’s aviators, we’re guessing they are old frames but updated with his current prescription. We think more men should try this!

One of the top items on Ari’s “Kvetch List” yesterday was what sort of shoes he should wear for the summer and what shoes to pack for the humidity in Europe (for the Advanced Style Tour!)…
I say George has the right idea with his matte ivory-polished wing-tipped oxfords. His wife told us he asked if he could wear them to dinner this night, and we’re glad they decided it was a good idea! She says “They’re over 50 years old!”… to which he mutters “You know I don’t like when you say that…”
“Oh well”, she says,” they’re vintage, and so are we!”

Now that’s how to keep it cool.

  • Anonymous

    What a glorious couple! Elegant, yet not too decorated. A tie-less George and his wife choosing flower earrings to match her dress is a great way to look and feel cool on a hot and humid summer evening. And of course their glasses are fabulous.

  • Anonymous

    She's amazing! What a fantastic style she has! I want to be just like her.

  • Love the glasses, the flowery dress, and above all those grand white shoes. Brilliant!!!!
    Un abrazo grande y fuerte.

  • evalyn

    What a handsome couple! So simply and stylishly done.

  • Wow, I loved this couple. can't decide wich one is more beautiful.
    kisses from your brazilian reader.

  • Anonymous

    Love that dress!


  • What a charming, classy and lovely couple!From a sweltering almost-100-degrees here, I'm relishing this very "cool" post.

    Maayan, this blog is so much a part of my waking consciousness now that whenever I'm feeling too lazy or a bit under rather than on top of my game, I imagine the lovely ladies of Advanced Style. Just the other day, I asked myself, "would Debra (our beloved nutritionista) go out in this schlumpy outfit?" So, I started piling on an armload of bracelets, adding some texture to my ensemble and immediately felt my mood lift.


  • vintage is sweet! Love, love, LOVE your blog. please stop by and say hello.

  • Anonymous

    I love these two most excellent, stylish folks. Thank you all for the inspiration to look one's best no matter the time or temperature!

  • Your blog is such a treat for the eyes and for the soul. I just wish all advertisements can be fun and glamorous and stylish like the images you present. Enough with fake beauties without personality.

  • Love their coool style!!!! love her earings..

  • What a delightful and stylish couple! Very aspirational. The patterned pocket square and the white oxfords are wonderful with the charcoal linen. The pattern on her dress and delightful earrings inspire me too.

  • Wow what a lovely couple this is amazing really this is a great & lovely style Love is always help with lovey person.