Old Hollywood

I met this stunning woman at a sample sale party for milliner Ellen Christine. She looks as if she could have stepped right out of one of the Old Hollywood movies I used to watch with my grandmother. She is elegant and charming and I hope to photograph her again. By the way Linda’s beautiful suit was made by Andrea Fisher, whose designs are featured at Lark Boutique in Lacrosse, WI.
  • Rebecca

    What an exquisite outfit – I just loved it. Yes, please some more photos and comments from this elegant woman!

  • gorgeous! think she'll mind if i steal her hairstyle? 😉

  • Those fantastic trousers, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ( and I do not like trousers)I have no adjetives for her. She is just pure inspiration.
    Thank you Ari.

  • Stunning!!!

  • Ah lovely!

  • She is amazing…I love her style!

  • she is wonderful. that suit, wow! very striking.

  • I love that hat and her hair is amazing!

  • A charming lady!

  • Evalyn

    That suit! The details, the tailoring. Excuse me, I need to lie down.

  • I agree with sacramento, the trousers are very unique, love them.

    And, perfect pearls by the way!

  • Love your blog. She is beautiful. Everyone is so stylish in N.Y.
    I live at the edge of the woods and garden.
    But do dress up when I head for town.
    Which is not often.
    Love my lifestyle
    at this time of life
    Use to be – dressing up daily
    in the corporate world.

  • Wonderful!!!

  • Beautiful and the detailing is fab. Xxxx

  • Marian

    I just love her style! I hope we see more of her. What an inspiration!

  • Oh she is truly beautiful…that smile alone would sink a thousand ships. The beautifully coordinated pearls also catch my eye.

  • This hat is truly fabulous! I want it badly so I can look like a monochromatic peach.

    Trés Awesome
    Chicago Street Style

  • what a wonderful hat!

  • I love these outfits really nice gorgeous model

  • lyrebirdgully

    Ari, you have got to find this woman again! (maybe get on the mailing list for those milliner events?) and next time ask her to tell us who designed that incredible suit!

  • ari

    LInda's fabulous suit was made by Andrea Fisher. Her designs can be found at

  • You are lucky to live in New York!
    This is certainly a beautiful woman and and absolutely stunning and fun outfit. Elegant, creative and playful at the same time.

    Sometimes when I walk the streets and see (so many!) jeans with enormous holes and stretched cotton jerseys, I miss the sixties when women as a rule, dressed up in hats and dresses and high heels and looked elegant.

  • Anonymous

    She is an inspiration for women of all ages. Thank You!

  • I am obsessed with her pants! I wish I knew where she got them… Oh how I wish!

  • This hat is perfect for her tres French bob.