Advanced Style Videos

Thanks to everyone who helped make our Advanced Style/NOWNESS video a huge success. My goal is to inspire people to look at aging in a new light. I hope these videos help people get over their fears of getting older, and embrace the wisdom and strength that comes with age. Lina Plioplyte and I plan to make a grand documentary about age and style.Here are is some more great footage from Lina and me. I hope you enjoy and feel free to email me with your feedback to or find me on Twitter AriSethCohen .

Here is some of my Flip Camera footage of some of our favorite Advanced Style Fashionistas.
The Idiosyncratic Fashionistas
Iris Apfel
Alice Carey
Debra Rapoport and Ari Seth Cohen
Looking Great At 80

Victoria MacKenzie-Childs
Jackie Tajah Murdock
  • The words from Tzipora, have been my moto for so many years: I am an artist and my clothes are my paint. She is so much better thou.
    What an inspiration Ari, ahhhhhhhhhhhh. Thank you my dear friend for making this possible.
    I will go through all of them again.
    Much love always to all of you.

  • Ben
  • LOVE LOVE LOVE everyone in your photos coming to life through the videos. Question… who is the women cycling in the Advanced Style/NOWNESS video?

  • This blog is so much fun and such an inspiration. I can't thank you enough for the joy you bring me.

    Pure joy!!

  • I think you did amazing Ari. So, thank you!

  • THANK YOU for gathering these all on one page! Now I can stop hunting for my video fix. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Very nice collection of ladies. And people from all walks of life. I really love this collage. Thanks for the diversity.

  • Great work!
    We are going to me a post about your videos!
    Keep good work


  • Rosie of melbourne

    I'm a 65 year old fashionista from melbourne, australia and recently discovered your blog via an article in the local newspaper. Advanced style immediately went to "my favorites" I thoroughly enjoyed these videos and it is great having them altogether. Thank-you for your amazing work and please have a fabulous week, with thanks from Rosie

  • Love these ladies…such an inspiration! Hope that you do a documentary…would be so wonderful!! Keep up the good work.

  • I hope I can become older with as much style as these folks! Inspirational indeed.

  • Another great video – some great style ideas – and such opulence – amazing how Tziporah makes it all blend in so exquisitely… She's another source of inspiration – thanks to your blog of course…

  • What wonderful, wonderful people.
    I ADORE your blog – it's been one of my most favourites for a while now!
    The joy of life in these people inspires me every day!

  • I love your blog, how gorgeous!
    XOXO Nicole, VPV Team Member
    Check us out & follow @

  • Great video's!! I am feeling compelled to re-post Debra Goes Thrifting on my blog because of her fabulousness and great thrifting tips! Love them all.

  • What a great way to start a thursday. Kitos! Grazie! Thanks! Tack!

  • This reminded me for some reason of the film Young @ Heart. Have you seen it? Wonderful film about a choir of advanced singers.

    Beautiful blog… I think you'd enjoy the movie if you haven't seen it already.