The Secret To Staying Young and Beautiful

What is the secret to staying beautiful as you age? According to this 80 year woman its to,” Be positive, eat well, and dance a lot.” Inspiring words for a person of any age to live by!

  • What a darling!!!

  • You are right. She is beautiful. That face says volumes.

  • Mim

    A strong presence!

  • Love her. Reminds me of my mother-in-law although she is a little younger, but the same intensity and facial features. And I always knew not eating meat and dancing is the recipe for youthful appearance.

  • sandra

    oooohhhhhhhh. What does NY have in the water? I am so inspired. She is beautifu.

  • She IS beautiful xx

  • I have met my new crush…

  • I love her earrings!

  • late to the party, but her glasses are amazing! i would wear the heck out of them.

  • What a beautiful skin and love the bag and gloves. She certainly looks fit enough to twirl and jive.