“Sunglasses Are Better Than a Facelift”

I always have a blast with my pal Mary. At 71 years old she knows the secret to fooling mother nature, she says, “Sunglasses are better than a facelift, they hide the ravages of time, and let you spy on people.” Mary keeps her style chic and classic, but when it comes to glasses she says,”You can break the rules once in a while, I’m not ready for a convent or anything so I can wear leopard glasses.” Check out some more of Mary’s many shades below.

  • fascinating lady with extraordinary sunglasses choice!:) great pics!!!

  • I read your mail and …WOW!!!! your blog is favolous!!!i totally LOVE this 😀 sorry for my terrible english but i don't speack english 🙁 !!!! Thanks thanks a lot for your mail 😀


  • The leopard glasses and the colors she is wearing in picture number three with the horse brooch are most becoming to her.

  • It would be a lot of fun to wear such cute sunglasses. Alas I'm forced to wear perscription ones. But I love her in the blue outfit. Maybe I can locate pieces like it.

  • Your friend Mary has got it goin on! That girl knows how to accessorize. Love her lipstick color choice and her pin. Mary you look GREAT!!

  • omg i love it!!! haha i love her glasses what a glamorous woman!

    <3 steffy
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  • Great shades and love how Mary tied her scarf. It frames her face in the most captivating way!

  • this blog is totally amazing. I adore it. Idea is great and photos are perfect! also are girls!
    Huge fan!

  • #fashion #wisdom from a 90yr old, no one/blog can ever beat this one; http://advancedstyle.blogspot.com/

    Much love


  • Anonymous

    LOVE the horse pin! She has such a great sense of fit too! Her clothes look perfectly tailored to her body.

  • Mary's got a great way with accessories. I particularly like the last two pictures – the horse brooch and leopard sunglasses are an inspired pairing & the floral bouquet brooch with purple gloves is outstanding.

    Ari, I love this blog. The pictures and video clips are inspiring. Thanks so much for doing this!

  • Hi love your blog and nice to meet you. Jody here. I came through Mary Jo Trust Your Style, who is showing your great video. Have just been whining about turning 49 so this has been a great shot in the arm for me. All these women are totally chic and fabulous!

  • We love Mary! xxoo Patty

  • "Sunglasses are better than a facelift, they hide the ravages of time, and let you spy on people." AMEN to that dear Mary,
    … you are a woman with style!

    thank you for this incredible post!

    Greetings from germany,
    xx D.


  • Congratulations on your blog!
    I loved the style of the elderly, a life lesson, conceited, and very happy to teach us.

  • Ben

    I need to wear some sunglasses now not that I have wrinkles(I'm in 7th grade)But because they look cool.


  • i can't believe that i havn't seen your blog before! It's spectacular!!! i love your style! i'm following you right away! check out my blog and if you like it follow me too!!! can't wait to hear from you!

  • she has the coolest sunglass collection! thanks for your email, your blog is great!


  • What an amazing lady! And those red cicular 40's style glasses are to die for!! xx

  • FABulous sunglasses, but I also love the purple gloves in the last shot. Groovy, Mary.

  • no way this blog rules i wish my nanny was alive to see it!!!

    Fantastic blog

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  • It is funny I saw her yesterday on the L train. I noticed how cute and stylish she was and wanted to know her story. She was wearing the red sunglassess. Thanks for posting her.

  • such a beautiful idea!!your whole blog I mean!! 🙂

    Amazing all the outfits!!

    Keep up!


    check if u like! 🙂

  • I love all these ladies' looks! I definitely need a pair of leopard sunglasses.

  • I love this post! Not only are the sunglasses pictured above amazing, but I'm a huge fan of putting on shades to make myself look/feel better. It cuts back on how long it takes to get ready and they can make an outfit look more chic.

  • She is fantastic! I want to jump in the photos and steal that horse broach from her… She looks so fun to know.

  • My favorite are the red ones and her comment about not being "ready for a convent"! Very stylish 🙂

    A while ago I saw a very advanced styled lady on the train wearing a bright orange coat, giant pearls and a pair of leopard print spectacles, I didn't have Ari's courage to ask her if I could take a pic so I made a sketch, here it is http://www.eyespectacle.com/2012/09/cat-eyes-pearls-and-orange-coat.html


  • She's a gem. I can't stop reading this blog!!!