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“Sunglasses Are Better Than a Facelift”

I always have a blast with my pal Mary. At 71 years old she knows the secret to fooling mother nature, she says, “Sunglasses are better than a facelift, they hide the ravages of time, and let you spy on people.” Mary keeps her style chic and classic, but when it comes to glasses she says,”You can break the rules once in a while, I’m not ready for a convent or anything so I can wear leopard glasses.” Check out some more of Mary’s many shades below.

Winter Blues

I was delighted to see this gentleman just I stopped off the Subway platform at Roosevelt Island. I photographed him last September, in a similarly colorful orange suit. He told me, ” The young men, don’t do what I do” and that he dresses up everyday and matches everything down to his socks and shoes. He has been doing this for over 35 years and has been featured in Esquire magazine. I took a small video of him above, and even though it is hard to hear what he is saying, you can sense the joy he takes in dressing from his great smile and charm.
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