Beatrix Ost: “In your body is a good place to be.”

I recently interviewed writer and artist Beatrix Ost for my upcoming book. I won’t give away all her secrets just yet, but I wanted to share one her favorite quotes. Beatrix believes that style begins with food.For her, eating well is key in maintaining a creative life. As she likes to say, “In your body is a good place to be.”

  • I absolutely love her outfit in the top picture with the plaid suit. She looks stunning!

  • She is just beautiful. Beatrice knows how to dress and from her comment about food, she obviously eats well, but knows how to moderate in order to keep that girlish figure. Nice!!

  • Beatrix is fabulous. I love the pockets of her jacket in the first picture and how she reflex the portrait on the chair.

  • I think Beatrix is my favourite Advanced Stylist, she looks fantastic. And a book, how exciting!

  • I'm impressed with the wisdom that age brings. It makes getting older sound like fun.

  • Just Fabulous <3

  • She's gorgeous. Love the arty composition of your first shot here. Love her green pants in the second!

    The Styleseer

  • The hat and head wraps are divine. And so is Beatrix!

  • God, I love the turban and I've been of the mindset that turbans don't belong on women with advanced style, but Beatrix might change my mind yet. Even so, I like some long locks spilling out in the back at the nape of the neck…it softens the overall look. But otherwise, really smashing. This woman eats? Wow, and she still manages to stay thin.

  • Now that is something to be taken seriously and kept the most preciously… With color!

  • Rebecca

    Beatrix Ost is absolutely stunning. I am reading her book, "In My Father's House" which is very interesting. I look forward to your upcoming book to learn more about her and the other fabulous Advanced Style ladies.

  • Gorgeous! I'd love to read more about her!

  • beatrix is so beautiful, it's almost unreal! i like that she's an artist and writer. i agree with her quote about food.
    i look forward to your book, ari. when will it be available?

  • Ben

    I love the firs pic! The painting is great!

  • what an interesting thought…I look forward to the interview.

  • This woman is incredible. I think the most stylish I have seen on your blog. Loved the piece on you on Refinery29 too, where they used her last photo.

    Très Awesome – A Chicago Street Style Blog

  • Jan

    I don't like the plaid suit ensemble but the other outfits are amazing. I've yet to master eyebrows the way Beastrtix has! I've been battling the middle-bulge (BLUBBER) since I turned 48, turn 60 next month. How do these women stay so thin? I'm not a couch potato. I walk at least 2 miles a day and own my house so I'm outdoors doing yardwork most of the summer, including lawn mowing. Do I really need to give up drinking my pink wine? Please tell me no – someone – anyone!


  • I've only just discovered Beatrix Ost after seeing your photos. After doing a big of digging around on the internet I've found her to be an inspiring and amazing woman. All her beauty and strength from the inside (and I only base this on what I have read about her)seems to radiate on the outside. Thanks for helping me discover such a lovely gem and looking forward to seeing and hearing more about her.

  • by FAR best style blog…this woman is a GODDESS

  • Sarah

    I can only hope I have such a great sense of style when I'm her age! WOW!

  • Lex

    She is utterly magical, OTHER WORLDLY! Please post photos of her art!

  • Janis

    Holy Wowza. She looks FABULOUS.

  • wow, im glad i'm not the only one to adore beatrix. it would be amazing if she provides a how-to for her amazing turban knots 😉 also, the people inquiring about how to be so thin, especially at her age… some people just have different body types. she probably doesnt put that much effort into it.

  • rushil

    this woman is absolutely gorgeous!

  • I'd love to know more about her philosophy of eating well and being in the body. Did you write more about that? Where can I find it. Whatever she's eating I want some!

  • Sandi Badash

    Beatrix Ost is not only a beautiful woman whose sense of style most of us can only hope to emulate at some point in our lives: she's the epitomy of graciousness,elegance and refinement.

  • I adore that hat.

  • I love her style! Awesome!!!