Advanced Details

One of the biggest trends in street style photography is capturing great detail shots and accessories. The ladies I photograph all tell me that accessories have the power to transform an outfit from ordinary to extraordinary. These women have had time to amass wonderful adornments and can easily mix and match them with any outfit. What are your favorite accessories?

  • the first photo with all the amethyst is gorgeous!

  • great details 🙂

  • Most of my favourite accessories are things that I make or thrift. I absolutely love scoring a funky purse that likely can't be found in too many other places, or when I find an awesome pair of statement earrings or a chunky necklace at a thrift. There is nothing better than dreaming up a story of where it came from and who wore it.

    I love making statement necklaces. I recently made one that was inspired by some of the ladies on Advanced Style who wear turquoise pieces. I will have to post it. soon. I think turquoise is such a bold colour and works well with so many outfits. The more original, the more I love it and hold it near and dear.

    I love it when people ask me questions about my accessories! This site has been a marvelous inspiration.

  • thats amazing! <3

  • Me encantan esas manos. Muchísimo.

  • I've collected vintage rhinestone jewelry for years, and I wear one piece every day now, but perhaps when I'm of an advanced age, I'll be brave enough to mix and wear more pieces at once.

    I love the woman wearing the bright Bakelite? bangles!

  • I love the first gal in all her purple, but the robot ring is my fav. I love all these women for their ability to be beautiful at any age!

  • Vintage scarves and bakelite bangles are my favorite accessories. Love the clicking sound that the bangles make and the feel of soft silk around my neck.
    I am inspired daily by this blog. Thank you.

  • You did that… great job on capturing the accessories!!!!

  • :D

    they look very good, i love them



  • I love the daring and the insouciance. Few younger women have this combo.

    You're my new hero, Ari, but I do think the next step is a guide for men on how to see and share these ladies' effulgence for themselves 🙂

    {I'll bet you've got some anti-war crusaders in the mix, no?!?]



  • Such gorgeous pieces <3


  • Hittade din hemsida och bestämde sig för att använda en snabb läsa, inte vad en brukar göra men trevligt ett. Kul att se en blogg för någon förändring som inte är fullt av spam och skräp, och i själva verket gör någon mening. Hur som helst, underbar skriva upp.

  • Inelul "robot" este foarte original si amuzant.

  • I love your blog!
    Would you like to follow each other?
    I already follow you 🙂
    kisses from

  • Congrats on being named a Blog of Note. That's how I found you! I just LOVE this idea! It is fantastic…as women, the older we get, we sometimes feel invisible. Thanks for actually seeing these ladies! I'm your latest follower!

  • Pure adoration!!!

  • I am having a jingle jangle bangle moment…..Fantastic images …xv

  • The classy black & white outfit, especially the white, crouched mittens from the fifties.
    Somewhere in my attic I have a similar pair. Tomorrow I'll crawl up the ladder and go searching for mine in one of the old trunks.

  • Ny absolute favourite ring is the black star in the 3rd picture! I know how to make this and never thought of wearing it as a ring. I love DIY and hate the fashion dictate. These ladies show me that you can wear whatever you like, as long as you make a statement. Thanks, Baerbel

    PS: The star is called "Froebelstern" in Germany, I couldnt find any translation.

  • Seth,

    I just found your blog through Blogger Buzz while trying to create my magazine view.

    What a brilliant concept, obviously many people feel the same way! I just marked your blog to follow.

    Not since I had the pleasure of living in Hong Kong, have a met someone embrace the beauty of elders. I especially love this, because I am one of them!


  • Adorned hands express the essence of the soul.

  • You are amazing.

  • I love this post and the timeless beauty found in these lovely details.

    I wrote a post about your blog, your videos and the article in Time Magazine. Thank you for your Advanced Style Inspiration.


  • I Love the ide of this BLOG :):) It.s stunning 🙂 I wish someone in Poland would run blog like this 🙂 I would love to write about this on my blog

  • Intelligent, chic, gorgeous!

  • Ari!!
    wonderful and delightful!!
    I found you via Karen Harvey Cox..
    and am loving your blog and appreciative ideas and support of the advanced ladies..
    Chronologically,at 66, I should be one, however, I am NOT OLD in spirit, attire, or attitude!
    I embrace life with a passion in each and everything I choose to do or enjoy doing!
    Looking forward to exploring all your previous posts!
    I am your newest follower!!
    warmest hugs..
    laughing smiles too!

  • Some of these recent thrift purchases have been inspired by Advanced Style;


  • There's nothing better than grannys rocking killer fashion!
    Love these photos!


  • this is an amazing post;i love it!

  • Great photo of the two women. The one in black on the right … her bracelets reminded me of Nancy Cunard

  • Big rings never fails to impress!