Advanced Love: Dolores and Allan


Allan: We’ve been together a little over 30 years. This is our second marriage. We met November 16, 1986 in New York City at The Arcadia Restaurant 61 East 61st street where we had lunch and we’ve been together ever since that moment.

Dolores: But, there was a magic moment where our knees touched under the table and that’s where the sparks flew. I don’t think we’ve had one of those easy everyone’s happy kind of marriages. I think we were both very strong willed. We were already set in our careers and our lifestyle. We worked at this marriage.

Allan: Yes we have.

Dolores: And I think that’s what makes it work.

Allan: We had to come this place where we were both independent and we are pretty much there now. Of course I think that our marriage, our relationship is always a work in process and we each maintain our own places in life, we each have our own interests and we share many many wonderful times together.

Dolores: I think the thing that makes our marriage work is freedom, Allan gives me tremendous freedom to do, I mean look at me, I am the woman that he has allowed for me to create for myself.

Allan. It’s not a question of allow I could no more stop you than I could fly to the moon.

Dolores: And I also think its patience. When you get to where you have been married for so long that you finish each other’s sentences. That’s kind of where we are right now.

Allan: This is the best part of my life, being with her, and looking forward to spending time with her.

Advanced Love: Richie and Lee

 Lately I have noticed that more and more I am drawn to photographing older couples when I am traveling. I always wanted Advanced Style to not only represent personal style, but also they ways in which we can continue to imbue our lives with a sense of purpose, connectedness, creativity, passion, fulfillment, vitality and spirit, well into our elderhood. Companionship takes many forms as we move through life. There is much to be learned from couples who have been in life long relationships, but just as much hope and insight can be gained from newfound love, love after loss, and the undying love and memory of one’s true soul mate.

I met this gorgeous couple on the beach in Naples Florida. I watched as they held hands and smiled, while walking through the clear blue water of the Gulf shore. After a few moments I approached them and asked them if they wouldn’t mind posing for a quick photograph for a project about love.

Richie told me that he met Lee a year before he actually approached her about going on a date. He said, “I knew her for a year, but I was scared. I was afraid that I wouldn’t find someone because I had a past that wasn’t so fun and I wasn’t going to get into the wrong thing again. But she’s just easy to be with and anything makes her happy. What more could you want?!”

Names and Ages? Richie & Lee 78, 72

How long have you been together? 14 wonderful years

The secret to a long lasting relationship? Love, Patience and understanding and keeping the excitement alive

A favorite memory together?
Our first meeting

And how did you meet? My daughter got us together since she baby sat for Richie’s Nieces and nephew.

Whats your favorite quality about one another? Honesty and openness.Richie had such honest eyes I fell for him immediately. The eyes are truly the picture of the soul.

How has your relationship changed over time? has it grown stronger? More loving and mucho stronger

How do you get through difficult times? Communication and attentive listening and patience

Any tips and Advice? Be kind and respectful to each other and respect each otherss differences.