Advanced Love Uptown

I ran into this gorgeous couple on the way to my last editing meeting for Advanced Love. Even though it’s too late to put them into the book, as the photos have gone to print, I wanted share this example of long lasting love here. It’s always difficult to know when a project is truly completed, to let go, accept it and share the final product with the world. I hope everyone enjoys my new book Advanced Love out Dec 24th. CLICK HERE to preorder.

“Not Dead Yet” T-Shirts Now Available

I’m excited to present my brand new T-shirt collaboration with my dear friend Fanny Karst. We have been thinking about doing a new project for a long time and inspiration struck from a recent email. A few months ago I received  the note below:

Hey Ari,
First of all thank you so much for recognizing women of distinction, as we say in the south “ I appreciate you” as a 70-year-old grandma from North Carolina who still likes to rock but not always in a rocking chair! Please let me know if I may in anyway be part of your journey to spread the word we’re not dead yet and have a lot to offer.
Thank you again

My project is all about celebrating  the style, wisdom, and creative expression of the senior set. Our brand new “Not Dead Yet” t-shirts are a  fashionable wink to the growing Advanced Style movement. Orders are now available