Date Archives November 2009

Almost Famous

These two were so happy that I stopped them for a photo that they told me they felt like movie stars. They said that they had been photographed when they were much younger on a ferry boat and had mistaken for being famous back then. I love how they both are wearing tinted lenses and thought they looked practical and stylish for a day on the town.

Respect Your Elders

As I kid, when I would get frustrated with something an adult said or did my grandmother would always say to me, “Honey, you must respect your elders.” Although I couldn’t quite understand having more respect for someone just because they were older, she didn’t say it in a commanding way, in fact I think the addition of the word honey made it sound sweet and definitely something I could accomplish. The reason I have so much respect for older people is my close relationship with this wonderful woman. She would teach me , ” a little bit about a lot of things,” something she would say when I told her that I thought she knew everything.At this point I don’t even question my respect and admiration for older people. I embrace it and use this blog as a forum to show how cool and relevant we can be in our advancing years. Respect your elders has taken on a new meaning and extending beyond manners to a true appreciation of the beauty, creativity, style and vitality that remains alive and advances as we age.