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Keeping An Eye On Spring Street

It seems that every neighborhood has that one lady(or group of) who keeps a watchful eye over the block. She can be spotted chatting around the front door of an apartment building, all the while not missing a thing that is happening in the surrounding area. She is the go to person for any neighborhood gossip and once you earn her trust she will always provide you with a warm smile and hello.

Every time I pass these two ladies in their awesome sweaters, I get a sense that they are looking after their community. Like stylish watchmen,their uniforms various combinations of colorful sweaters and dark slacks they exchange laughs while peering around to view the local happenings . I must also admit that I totally dig over sized vintage patterned sweaters. I love to search through the ladies department at thrift stores looking for sweaters. They always have the best designs and colors.

My particular neighborhood watch keeper always wears her hair wrapped up in a simple and elegant scarf, with a long pleated skirt and short sleeved shirt. She is stylish because her style is unique and personal and you can tell that she has been consistently wearing various takes on this “uniform” for many years. This outfit has come to express her strength and character, her consistency and reliability. I have asked her a few times for a photo, but she just laughs and waves me away. She is outside every morning with a days greeting and I always feel a little more comfortable knowing she’s around when I come home late at night.

Do you guys have ladies like this in your own neighborhoods? I’d love to hear your responses and if you have photos even better!

Advanced Style: Fashion Flashback

Carole’s Grandmother, do you notice the resemblance?

I have posted pictures of my friend Carole here a few times already, but the other day I was lucky enough to visit her spectacular apartment. I will post more photos and story soon. She has lived in New York and abroad, as an artist and teacher, sharing her passion for life,beauty, art. Here is a preview of our lunch date together, including some fashion flashbacks from her scrapbook.

She also makes incredible Hand knit Cashmere Scarves, of which I own two. Email me at if you’d like more info about these wonderful handmade works of art.

Colorful Inspiration In The New Museum

This woman was a joy to photograph. She was visiting The New Museum with some friends and I took my break from work to go and talk to her. Not only is her colorful mix of patterns inspiring but her wonderful attitude as well.She told me that she loves living in New York because of how culturally and ethnically diverse it is. I talk to a lot of people about their experiences in New York and one of the things that I hear most is that the city keeps people feeling alive and vibrant, that life happens on the street and that living in New York forces people to be culturally aware and active. Its a great town for young and old alike!

Advanced Style: Future Options

[Photos by MISTER MORT]
On the topic of aging and style, it is my opinion that style options become less limited with age.With the benefit of time and having seen trends come and go throughout the years, Advanced Style fashionistas know what works best for them and they can take risks without fear of judgement. Arriving at this venerable state grants one the priveledge of authority . It is to our elders that we should turn to for advice. In fact the silver haired set can be free to dress for themselves,wear their clothes with confidence and experiment with their favorite style cues from the past and present.
The woman above takes a practical accessory, and turns it into a contemporary and elegant fashion statement. By mixing her glasses with fun earrings, a beautiful floral hair tie, chic black jacket, and trendy boots, she creates a look that is fashion forward and super stylish. It is this mixing of elements, seemingly effortless and spontaneous, but put together with great instinct and care that I find so fascinating in my investigation of advanced styles. The advancement of personal style is about feeling good which in turn allows you to look even better, the only one you have to convince is yourself.

Ari Seth Cohen