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Style On The Upper West Side

This week has been quite exciting with Advanced Style being featured in Sunday’s New York Times. If you didn’t get a chance to see the article in the newspaper here is a link to the online edition It is so amazing to see the people I photograph being appreciated and being thought of as influencers because the definitely inspire me everyday.

Yesterday I stopped this stunning woman on the Upper West Side and asked her if I could take her photo. We talked about the New York Times article and she said that she loved what I was doing. I just love when women wear silk scarves in the hair and this woman’s pink lipstick is an added touch of flair to her chic outfit.

Museum Style

I saw this gentleman outside of MoMA and I asked him if I could take a quick photo. He was very charming and a great model as well.I told him that I loved his hat and that when I was a kid I used to sneak into my grandfather’s closet and steal all of his old hats and walk around the neighborhood feeling very distinguished. I love hats to this day!

Advanced Style Vide: Debra On The Importance of Color

One of the amazing perks of what I do is that I get to meet and hang out with wonderful people like Debra. I am constantly inspired by her creativity and the way she embraces aging with a sense of freedom and air of confidence. In this video she is talking about the subtleties of color changes and transitions and how these principals relate to style. Feel free and email Debra at !

Artist in Cologne

[Photo by Smilla]

Smilla took this wonderful photo of this charming fellow. She says of the experience, “This eloquent man is 84 years old, and used to be a musician; he played piano and organ.He told me, that besides being a musician, he became an artist in his advanced years as well. He does collages out of papers, textiles and everything that seems to be interesting to him. Everyday he works for 3 or 4 hours on them. He has some friends he visits museums with, and he told me about the debates they have about art, and the way to look at it. This wonderful man encourages to first have a direct eye to what you see before start to reflect and view it rationally. His wife was a psychoanalyst, and they had a vibrant life together, full of things and topics of common interests they share. It was really extraordinary meeting this man..