Style With A Cane

One of the reasons I started Advanced Style is because I felt that there was a lack of positive and inspiring images of older people in media and advertising. In the last two years I have seen a growing awareness and coverage of seniors in campaigns, on the runway, and on TV. The folks that I meet while walking around New York inspire me to live life to the fullest and carry myself with dignity and pride. What I find so amazing about the Advanced Style set is that they are so comfortable in their own skin and so willing to share their stories and tips with others. By showing these images we can shift our perspective and realize that age does not have to limit our sense of creativity and vitality. The people above all lean on their canes and stand proudly with confidence allowing their strength and style to shine through. Where as canes have oftentimes been regarded as unfashionable and made to fade into the background(with their metal and grey tones) the men and women above use theirs to enhance their sense of independence and look all the more stylish and graceful it.