Readers Respect Their Elders!

[Text: Maayan Zilberman, Photos: reader submission]
We’re always excited when readers send us their photos inspired by the men and women on our site. But it’s especially fun to see people incorporating advice and style tips into their lifestyle…
I’m especially touched by this display of creativity and sisterhood, on the heels of seeing the new Sex and the City movie and feeling totally disconnected from a group of women so insistent on looking younger than they are.
This weekend we got a special treat, these four sisters wrote in from Latvia:

“I like what you and your soul-mates are doing on Advanced Style! Actually, we all love it. We are 4 sisters – Agnese, Elza, Marta & Gerda – we are from Riga, Latvia. One of us (Gerda) is studying fashion design and accidentally came upon your blogspot. On the “sisters event” – that is one day a month, when we all meet and spend time together doing whatever we have decided to – we somehow started to talk about how we will act when we will be older and so on… And Gerda showed us this page as an example for cool mature people – that style is not the privilege of youth, but it blossom out by and by. And your blogspot was a proof to our believing that there is no time limitation for being creative, stylish, inspiring and even totally crazy! We felt in love with the idea and the way how you are doing this – we liked it so much, that we even picked up our prototypes whom we would like to bear a resemblance (we called this “wanna be old” choice) after years! It is so nice to see that woman or man is still a Woman and Man, no matter how old is she/he, instead of becoming just an oldster. At least in Latvia there are very rare old and stylish people…L

We liked this so much, that we promised to each other never to loose Woman in us and we kept some of your blogspot pictures we choose as “wanna be old” to look at them after some years and compare with ourselves. We even did a photo session where we tried to capture the feeling of persons we were inspired by And we also decided to create our own blogspot because we all have something to say to world, but we never did that in public. So, we will now!
We hope that after some decades we won’t loose our femininity, smile and positive craziness!
Thank you for a lot of inspiration, ideas and nice pictures where to regale our eyes! We wish you good luck and many crazy ideas to realize!
Greetings also to Hilda Longinotti, Jenny Hirschowitz and Marylin Sokol – I hope you will recognize yourselves as our “wanna be old” prototypes in our blogspot…”

Don’t you love this letter?!

Here are some of the ladies who inspired the sisters…