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The OGs Fashion Advice

If you have ever seen the OGs website, you know that 93 year old Cuties Cooper gives advice about everything from relationships to fashion. I found this site a few weeks ago and was thrilled to see how The Coopers’ grandchildren have found a way to share the life,love, and adventures of their amazing grandparents. I asked Cutie and her granddaughter Kim if they would make a video that would share The OGs’ advice on fashion and style. Cutie believes in wearing timeless pieces that are simple, elegant, and can be worn throughout the years with updates. She also wants you to know that you’re never so old that it’s okay to be a frump!” Thank you to Cutie and Kim for this wonderful video.

Embrace Your Age

I’m 92 Years Old !
I’m 80 Years Old !
I’m 98 Years Old!
I’m 82 Years Old!
I’m 80 Years Old!I’m 77 Years Old!
I got a phone call the other day that made me feel really good about what I am doing. My friend Lynn Dell called to tell me that lately she has been proudly telling everyone her age. At 77 Lynn is hardworking,full of life and absolutely gorgeous. She never felt the need to tell anyone how old she was, but she explained to me that having her picture taken for Advanced Style has made her proud to proclaim her age aloud. She loves the positive reaction and how her outlook on life affects others. Check out the other amazing ladies above who proudly told me their age. Lynn Dell also has a new page on Advanced Style which can be found on the sidebar.

If you are proud of your age send me a photo(jpegs only) along with your age to for our I’m Proud To Be___ Years Old page.

Ilona Royce Smithkin

I know we have seen a lot of Ilona these days but she never ceases to amaze me. The other day she called me to let me know that she had made the most marvelous creation. When I arrived at her apartment she told me, ” I found the most wonderful scarf today, which I sewed together to make into a dress with matching scarf.” Read more about how Ilona’s style relates to her artistic practice in a post I did about her for The New Museum Blog
including the video below.

Here is Ilona performing this summer in Provincetown: