Date Archives October 2010

Gitte Lee Models For Celine

Who better to capture the style and elegance of Celine than my gorgeous friend Gitte Lee. You may recognize her from some of my previous posts but it seems I’m not the only one who appreciates her beauty and vibrancy these days. She lends a sophistication and charm to anything she does. Bravo to to Celine for recognizing such a wonderful individual and for using an older woman in their campaign.

The Art of Simplicity:Dress to Suit Your Mood

Advanced Style is about personal style and expression. Oftentimes I feature people who wear bright colors and unexpected pairings of patterns. I have come to appreciate those who are daring, who get older and bolder, who take risks and live life to the fullest.
On the opposite side of the style spectrum are those who keep it simple and elegant. Their style shines, through their graceful and elegant approach to fashion and aging. The ladies above look chic, comfortable and confident. The Advanced Stylistas have taught me that you can dress to suit your mood, some days simple, others more eccentric, as long as you feel beautiful and comfortable!

A Well Designed Cane

The other day I went to visit the offices of a wonderful company called OMHU. The staff there believes that life is both imperfect and beautiful and their aim is to,” change the way people think and feel about aging and disability” by offering “joyful products that support people’s abilities as they change throughout life.”

I photographed Carolyn Korb,mother of one of the company’s founders, with one of OMHU’s striking canes. The cane is not only well designed and beautifully constructed, but it is the perfect mobility aid for the modern age. One doesn’t have to hide their metal cane any longer, in fact they can proudly display their independence with a stylish and contemporary option. For more details on OMHU check out their informative blog .