Incredible Fashion Town in Sicily Video

Check out this amazing video advertising a fashion outlet village in Sicily. I love how it features people with Advanced Style! A reader from Italy sent it my way this morning. Here is her fun note to me:

Hi Ari,
I’m Alessandra, I’m a 24 Italian girl.
My mother use to read (watch, she can’t speak English) your blog almost every
day, she is right next to me now, She says “Hello!”.

There is a video that is becoming almost an hit on YouTube today. All local
newspaper are featuring it.I think you are going to love it. I think it is pretty clever.. I’m Sicilian so would have liked it anyway 😉
What do you think?
Keep on posting! My mother says “Bye and greetings from Augusta!”


Thanks Allessandra, I do love it, do you guys?