Date Archives February 2011

The Art Of Style

The other day Tziporah Salamon and I had a great time dressing up and taking photos for a special photo shoot. One of New York’s best dressed ladies, Tziporah creates visual masterpieces with each outfit she puts together. She told me that the work of Matisse really perfected her eye. Do you guys feel that style is a form of art?
I hope you enjoy the small video and photos I put together and check out Tziporah’s site for more visual inspiration.

You Don’t Have To Be Perfect

I took Ilona to an advanced screening of the Bill Cunningham documentary and on the way there she started to tell me about her eyelashes. She said,” I don’t always get them on straight, but there is beauty in imperfection.” I always have my Flip camera around to capture Ilona’s infinite wisdom and I made a small video of her explaining why you don’t have to be perfect, and how there is more beauty in imperfection. After our ride we got out of the taxi and Ilona gave me a quick dancing lesson in the rain in Times Square. For more videos of this fantastic 90 year old woman check out my new video page.