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Hair Bows

[Photos by Ari Seth Cohen]

This post is dedicated to Maira Kalman, one of my favorite writers and artists. In her book, The Principles Of Uncertainty, she included wonderful photos of people from behind. I was inspired to take the photos above after seeing the shots she took in the Hermitage, of a woman with a bow in her hair(below). Hair bows are a great way to add some charm and style to an already fashionable hairdo.

[Photos by Maira Kalman]

Spring Awakening

The ladies of Advanced Style have seen trends come and go and although they tend not to rely on passing fads, they are definitely aware of what’s current. It looks like Spring is all about orange and you know advanced style fashionistas aren’t afraid of a little color. Check out Mary’s latest blog post HERE to read her take on the orange craze.
On another note, I am excited to report that I am working on an Advanced Style book set to come out Spring 2012. Between now and August I’ll be shooting up a storm, so if you know any older ladies with great style in New York City, email at .

Tom Wolfe’s Style Advice

If I could dress like any gentleman in New York it would be Tom Wolfe. I asked if I could take his photo and told him that I wished I dressed half as good as he does. He gave me some great pointers in the video below.