Date Archives April 2011

Gorgeous Gloves

I love when I ask someone if I can take their photograph and they proudly announce their age.I saw this stunning woman walking up Madison Avenue and after complimenting her gloves, I asked  if I could take her photo. She replied, “I’m 86” and said that although she doesn’t usually stop for photos on the street that it sounded like a cute idea. I started a page on Advanced Style with photos of other women who aren’t afraid to tell their age, CLICK HERE to check it out.

Advanced Style Video:Lynn Dell The Countess of Glamour

Here is Lina Plioplyte’s latest video for Advanced Style featuring Lynn Dell, owner of the Off Broadway Boutique. I hope you enjoy these small clips as much as we enjoy putting them together.

Mary’s Blog

Get ready because one of your favorite Advanced Style gals has started her very own blog. Mary will be writing about the joys of retirement and all of the fun she is having reading, going to art shows, and of course shopping.Check out her first post HERE or click on Meows by Mary below the header. You can also email her at with any question you may have.

A Stylish Cane

This stunning 90 year old lady told me that she turned in her “old lady cane” to buy this much more beautiful model. She said, ” I don’t want an old lady cane, what a downer.” Style doesn’t end at a certain age and neither does an interest in beautiful product design. Check out OMHU for beautiful products designed to support people’s abilities as they change through life.