Summer in Scandinavia

I have been having the best time in Scandinavia shooting Advanced Style and enjoying the sights. I arrived in Copenhagen this morning and I’ll be here until Wednesday morning looking for great style. The lady above, like so many of the women I talk to, is wearing an outfit that she has had for many years.She had it made by her favorite dress maker and it still looks good after all these years.
Ulla told me what her 90 year old dress maker shared with her a few years back,”There are two kinds of women, ones with imagination and ones with no imagination. The ones with no imagination can’t imagine how clothes will look before they are made and so they should buy from the racks, but those with imagination who can see what they will look like should have things made.” Ulla told me that she knows its difficult and expensive to have clothes custom made today, but she said we can still wear our clothes with imagination.