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Re-Deux, Revisit

I first photographed Colleen outside her consignment boutique, Re-Deux, in Rancho Mirage, California two years ago. She was totally unaware of how striking she is and it took a bit of convincing from my mom before she would let me take her photograph. I was thrilled with the results and included her portrait in my book. I popped into the store again last weekend to catch up. It was great fun to surprise Colleen and I was delighted to get some great new photos to share with everyone!


Orren Davis Jordan and his wonderful husband Robert Parker are visiting New York from Santa Fe, where they run an amazing jewelry boutique named Wink. After months of communicating online, it was a pleasure to finally meet this incredible duo in person. Not only do we share a passion for over sized accessories, but Orren and Robert are also great friends with Iris Apfel. I can’t wait to visit their shop in Santa Fe and get a deeper view into their colorful world.


I just got back from a week in California where I got some great shots from San Diego, Los Angeles and Palm Springs. I always look forward to seeing Pearl on my travels to L.A and hope to check out more of her amazing wardrobe next time I’m in town. I’m off to Boston tomorrow to speak at Hebrew Senior Life’s College of Retirement Living series and then back to California to celebrate Mother’s Day with my dear mom!!! I hope you enjoy all the posts from Cali coming soon…

If You Want To Dress Like An Advanced Style Lady…

I remember the first time I saw a picture of a woman wearing an arm full of bracelets. I was at the library with my grandmother, flipping through photography books, when I came across Man Ray’s photographs of Nancy Cunard. I showed the photos to my grandma and she said, “Honey, those are bakelite bracelets, I have some at home if you want to look at them.” One of my favorite pastimes when I was a child, was to look through my grandmother’s wooden drawers full of treasures from the past. I  remember these times so well: Flipping through her old photographs, peering through her mother’s antique, mother of pearl opera glasses, and letting strands of beads and bracelets cover every inch of my tiny hands. She invited me into her private world and told me stories of her past, while shaping my sense of aesthetics for the future. My grandmother never made me feel like a little kid, never made me feel bad for asking any question, and always had time to show me something new.

When I moved to New York from San Diego in 2008, I took everything I had learned from my grandma with me. This is probably the reason I started to approach older women on the street(my grandmother had recently passed) asking them questions about their personal style, and wanting to share their stories with others. One of the things I noticed was that many of them were wearing armloads of bracelets– Or was it me who was drawn to something I had seen in my past, a moment once shared with my beloved Grandma Bluma?

Dolores Forsythe: Bichons and Bangles

Ever since I started taking photos, my mom has been scouting ladies for
me all over California. The other day she was having lunch in Coronado,
when she happened upon a wonderful jewelry store named d Forsythe. As
soon as she met the owner, Dolores, she knew that she’d be a perfect
candidate for Advanced Style.

I am based in New York, but travel back to California fairly often. A few days ago I arrived in San Diego for a conference I was speaking at. After picking me up at the airport, my mom drove me straight to Coronado(even before getting a bite to eat) to check out Dolores’ magical shop.Dolores was a delight and  even shared some of her make up tips in the video above. If you are in San Diego, make sure and stop by and check out some of  Dolores’ amazing accessories.For more information on her store CLICK HERE.