A Colorful Life

Last night was a truly magical experience at the European premiere of Advanced Style. I’ll post some thoughts and photos from the evening soon.

I’m excited to share the final images from my shoot with the vibrant and wonderful Magda. Here are some inspired words by her dear friend Daniela:

Magda lives in a world of creativity; and art is always in her life, through her flowers, braids, and her own one-of-a-kind necklaces. Her necklaces are wearable art. With her unique sense of style, Magda blends colors, textures, and vintage pieces, creating unique jewelry of sophisticated elegance.

Her stories are truly special, and her wisdom is a treasure I hold close to my heart. Every time I see Magda I listen closely, as I know there is so much I can learn. She is never unnoticed! And her laughter is unique and immediately contagious.

I am lucky to be a friend of an authentic icon of beauty, who lives her life full of color, imagination, and hope. – Daniela Arredondo