Tao Porchon-Lynch

I’ve had the immense honor of spending the weekend with 97-year-old yoga master, model, and all around wonder woman Tao Porchon-Lynch. Tao was in Montenegro for the Age of Happiness Festival where she gave an incredibly moving presentation on her life and work with yoga. She was born on the English Channel to an Indian mother and French father. Her childhood was spent in Pondicherry, India where she was brought up by her uncle who was responsible for building a lot of the railway system in India.

Tao has just released her first memoir chronicling her extraordinarily adventurous life.
She joined Gandhi during the Salt March, danced in the streets of England during WWII, modeled for Lanvin and befriended Marlene Dietrich and then Marilyn Monroe during a stint in Hollywood.
At 97, Tao has more energy and vitality than anyone I have ever met. When it comes to aging Tao remarked,”People say that I am old, but I think of the trees and how they are hundred of years old. They recycle themselves each winter. I recycle myself like the trees every winter to get ready for the spring so that I can dance my way through life.” Check out Tao’s wonderful memoir HERE.