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Ana Maria Cristina

Beatrix Ost introduced me to to her longtime friend, Ana Maria Cristina, when we visited Japan last week. Beatrix and Ana met in New York when Ana was dancing with the Martha Graham Dance Company many years ago.Ana Maria has since moved all over the world, dancing and teaching about art healing wherever she goes. Check out Ana Maria Cristina’s bestselling book, The World of Art Healing, available only in German and Japanese HERE.

5 Secrets to Vitality With Maureen Gumbe

I’m starting a new series where I ask the ladies and gentlemen I photograph to share some of their secrets to remaining vital and creative. I met Maureen Gumbe in Geneva right before the launch of my first book in 2012. We first connected over Facebook and then had a serendipitous meeting on the streets of Carouge. Maureen is always dressed in vibrant colors which perfectly match her joyful spirit. Here are Maureen’s Top Secrets to Vitality:
1.A positive outlook on life, despite prevailing circumstances

2.A spirit of gratitude
3.Surround myself with a variety of friends, especially younger than I am.
4.Keep abreast of changes in the society, life or living in the present
5.Laughter, always nourish the child in me.