Winter Blues

I was delighted to see this gentleman just I stopped off the Subway platform at Roosevelt Island. I photographed him last September, in a similarly colorful orange suit. He told me, ” The young men, don’t do what I do” and that he dresses up everyday and matches everything down to his socks and shoes. He has been doing this for over 35 years and has been featured in Esquire magazine. I took a small video of him above, and even though it is hard to hear what he is saying, you can sense the joy he takes in dressing from his great smile and charm.
Also Check out this Q&A I did with Forbes for some insight on why I started Advanced Style. CLICK HERE
  • Yes, I have seen him before, not only in orange but I believe in Red. I mean Red. He is a great treat for the eye.

  • Great suit, great coat.

  • he is right. these don't do what he does. and there is a serious disconnect between style and the younger generation.

  • What a terrific gentleman with such a great sense of personal style. You can just sense his warmth and joy at being alive. I love his scarf pin as well as his tie pin. Thank you Ari for the video.

    Congratulations on the Forbes interview (3 parts!) and I'm so happy you're gaining so much positive exposure. You're an inspiration to people of all ages.

  • He is fantastic.
    I am sooooooooooooooo proud and happy for you.
    I was nearly in tears what a lovely interview.
    A fist full of besos.

  • This man is one of a kind. Truly unique style, what a classy pimp (lol) ! You will never see one of those in Sweden….

  • sandra

    a dandy for sure.

  • the coat is quite wonderful…

  • He is just beautiful. Love your blog.

  • violette

    I love his bright colors! It reminds me of Chicago's own "Suit Guy," Vincent Falk. He's a man who owns hundreds of colorful suits, shirts and ties and shows them off on one of the bridges over the Chicago river. He also has a wonderfully corny sense of humor; I've chatted with him before. A documentary about his life was released last year: "Vincent: a life in color"

  • Carla

    Great interview, Ari.

    I think the reference you made to it is hidden in this post. Please do consider displaying the link more prominently, I'm sure many more would like to read it. Thank you

    Fondly, one of your readers.


  • ari

    Here is the link to the pst of this wonderful gentleman in his orange suit.

  • It was very impressive and you did a great job for interviewing him. Matching up colors of your clothes sometimes it’s too hard the man there in your photo do also a great job and he is enjoying what he's doing. Thank you.