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Advanced Style Inspiration Of The Moment

[Works Above By Maira Kalman]
I have loved Maira Kalman’s amazing drawings,paintings,and stories since I was a kid. She has inspired me to draw my own fancy ladies, which I will post in a few days. For now enjoy these wonderful works by Kalman and share your own drawings with me at .
Someone emailed me this amazing photograph, but I’m not sure where its from. You are never too old to have fun!

Diana Vreeland, need I say more!

Tom Ford’s commentary on his French Vogue spread,“I am tired of the cult of youth. The cultural rejection of old age, the stigmatization of wrinkles, grey hair, of bodies furrowed by the years. I am fascinated by Diana Vreeland, Georgia O’Keeffe and Louise Bourgeois, women who have let time embrace them without ever cheating. Society today condemns this, me, I celebrate it. For this session of fine jewellery, I imagined a man and a woman who had been together for a long time, faithful to each other and always incandescent with desire.”

I love when readers submit photos and videos of their grandparents and other loved ones. The video above was tweeted to me by Nelle Somerville of Baltimore. She thought I’d get a kick out of her grandma explaining why she calls her cap a “Go to Hell Hat”. Older people have such great stories to share!

This man was a dreamer and a genius!

I have been drawing pictures of fancy old ladies all day. I will share them here at a later date, but first I wanted to post a few things that are inspiring me as of late. I hope you enjoy and please always share with me your insights and inspirations. You can email me or reach me on twitter AriSethCohen . I look forward to hearing from you!

Tips on How To Stay Warm and Stylish During Winter

Colorful Scarves and Bold Lipstick

A colorful scarf will brighten up a winter coat and add personality to any outfit. Bold Lipstick is also a great way to add color to your dark winter palette. This looks even better when coordinated with your accessories,like the ladies above have done.
Turn Your Scarf into an Elegant Head Wrap

You can stay warm by simply wrapping your scarf around your head in an artful manner. Your scarf can be turned into a elegant and playful headwrap or turban!
Sunglasses and Accessories

Sunglasses aren’t only for the summer months. Wear a unique pair of shades to block out the glare on a snowy day, and add some pizazz and glamour to a winter look. Instead of putting on a dark pair of gloves to match your winter coat, try something colorful. Bangles and Pins are also excellent ways to spruce up your winter wear.
If you are afraid of appearing to bulky in your winter coat, try something that belts at the waist. You might also want to try wearing thin layers of sweaters under a coat which may already have heavy shoulder pads and weight. This way you can monitor how much bulk you are adding, while staying warm and cozy.
Winter Coats Don’t Have to Be Boring

Who says that winter coats have to be dark, bulky and boring. Try a vintage coat with some personality to add charm to your cold weather clothing. The woman above wears legging and fun tennis shoes instead of bulky pants and boots. Make sure you wear warm socks and undergarments if you decide to go this route.
Go Classic

The other day Mary shared her tips on how to stylish and warm during the cold winter months.
One of the benefits of being older, is being able to choose from items that you have collected throughout the years. Put on that coat, scarf, or hat that you have had for years and not only will you remember the great times you have shared while wearing this treasured item, but you will be right in style. Style comes from within, so if you feel good, you will look good. If you are younger, you may have the benefit of borrowing one of your grandparents’ coats, if not stop by a local thrift store and pick the coat that speaks to you. Remember to feel comfortable in what you are wearing and stay warm in the upcoming weeks!

Why “Old” Is Not a Bad Word

Yesterday I spent a wonderful day going to galleries with my lovely friend Mary. In the videos above she explains how to stay stylish and warm during the winter and why being called “old” is a compliment. She looks wonderful in her stylish dark coat, which she accessorizes with purple gloves and a vintage Iradj for Oscar de la Renta runway pin. How do you guys feel about being called “Old”, doesn’t it mean EXPERIENCED, WISE, ADVANCED, ENDURING, ESTABLISHED, and MATURE !

90 Is The New 40

I know I shoot several people over and over, but I can’t get enough of Ilona Royce Smithkin. At 90 years old she is busier than ever, performing her “Eyelash Cabaret” act a few times a month and getting together with her network of amazing friends.The truth is I become friends with the people I photograph and we get to spend a lot of time together. Ilona and I talk a few times a week, we go over our current projects and she offers me great advice and onion soup.
Ilona is always up for participating in creative projects. I had to do a photo essay for my photography class, so I decided to do a day in the life of Ilona. She proves that age is just a state of mind and 90 really is the new 40! I hope you enjoy this small selection from my assignment.