Larissa Designer

So it seems that the woman I shot under the posting entitled “Goth is The New Grey” happens to be featured in New York Magazine’s 50 most beautiful New Yorker’s, alongside Mimi Weddell! Here are a few articles that mention her and some of New York’s other stylish women over 50.

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Me and Mimi

I had the pleasure of working with the incomparable Mimi Weddell at the Lorick fashion show last night. When I picked her up she was wearing an over-sized tuxedo shirt, black leggings, and vintage Chanel shoes. Her look is both theatrical and super modern with a mix of classic details and exaggerated proportions. She is definitely a style inspiration for me and I look forward to spending more time with her in the future.

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Blog Talk

Today was a very exciting day. I met fellow fashion blogger Hanneli in front of the Marc Jacobs store. Hanneli, pictured above, and I shared blogging tips and scouted out snap-worthy people together. She also shared an amazing find from her own blog— see below.

Hanneli told me that the woman above, Mia Berner, is a famous Scandinavian writer and that she is always dressed fully in red. I will have to get some more information about her because I find her style fascinating.

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