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I Am Here, I Am Alive,I Am Creative Strong and Wise!

I want to start today’s post by posing a  question: Should a picture of a stylish old lady or gentleman be an extraordinary thing? I love what I do, and I started Advanced Style to break down stereotypes about aging and the elder population, but shouldn’t the image of a strong,active,joyful elder person be the norm.?That is what I see in my world, but the truth it is not the norm.  Before I started the blog I looked up “old lady” in Google image search and most of what  I found were depressing and mocking portraits of older women. Go ahead and try and see what you find. From my experience, people become more confident,wise,and comfortable in their own skin as they age. This allows them to freely express themselves in terms of style and creativity resulting in “Advanced Style”.Maybe that’s why I shoot so many people in colorful clothes as if their bright outfits are signaling, I am here, I am alive, I am creative,strong and wise! 

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Fort Lauderdale and Beyond

I’m always on the hunt for Advanced Style, in fact I wish I could meet amazing old ladies and gentleman all day everyday. Winters in New York can get a bit dark so it was nice to escape to the Caribbean and Florida for a few days. I met the lady above, who resides part time in New York, in Fort Lauderdale. She had on the greatest pair glasses from Frederics on Madison, one of Advanced Style favorite shops. Below is a photo of another stylish Floridian, a vintage vacation photo, and my 61 year old mom, Frances, at the beach.

Stilettos At 88

I met Elaine at an art fair in Fort Lauderdale this weekend, and she told me that at 88, her job is to have fun. Elaine’s friends told me that she was wearing her “walking heels” and that she usually wears 6 or 7 inch stilettos. My mom and I are heading back to New York tomorrow where we will team up and photo hunt together. Hope everyone is having a great start to  2011.