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The other day I had tea with the lovely lady above. Irene and I met on the bus after I asked if I could take her photo. She has great style and a wonderful outlook on life. She writes on her website, “In another life I would be like an Argentine Tango dancer. I’m still gearing up for my Grand Finale in this one.” Advanced Style is an attitude. The people I meet are fighters. They continue to challenge themselves and  push past obstacles that come their way.

Irene wrote in to share these words with all the Advanced Stylers:

 I realize that I am preaching to the choir by addressing these comments to Ari’s Girls – after all, we are writing a how-to manual (documented lovingly by Ari) for our contemporaries, present day boomers & beyond.Leaving youth for middle years is tough. What can possibly compensate for having been Belle of the Ball?
 Entering advanced years is tougher, yet can be softened by clarity that sometimes comes only with age. Having been there, done that, I would like to share some basic stuff born of experience:
 Could this transition be regarded as an adventure rather that a struggle? Metaphors for fighting are of limited value when faced with a losing battle.
 We are like snowflakes – uniquely exquisite and unique – one-of-a kind divine creations
 To thy highest self be true
 Since the eyes mirror the soul, where else is beauty but in the eyes of the beholder?
 Many a Hollywood star or historical icon continues to bewitch and bedazzle her public!
Think Bette Davis. Think Martha Graham. Think Cleopatra.

Young At Heart

I have been making small videos with the ladies I meet so that I can share their wisdom with all of you. I hope that we can all learn something from these fearless women and continue to spread the message that we can feel young and vital as long as we have a positive outlook on life . Ilona is 90 years old and it is only in her last years that she has felt truly confident. She told me that these have been the best ten years of her life. There is much to look forward to as we age.  Here are some of the key lessons I have learned  from this extraordinary 90 year old woman:

  • Embrace opportunities that come your way
  • If you feel a pain think of something light and positive 
  • Colors can lift your spirits
  • Be a fighter, challenge yourself, when you decide to do something do it well, give all of yourself
  • If you try to imitate too much, then you look like nothing. Never compare yourself, YOU are YOU.”
  •  Feel beautiful inside and you will be beautiful outside
  • “When I move, I mooooove”

Lunch With Ilona

It is Snowy here in New York so Ilona and I hopped in a taxi to meet or wonderful friend Lori Goldstein for lunch. I hope you enjoy the ride and remember to keep up with me on twitter AriSethCohen .

How to Live an Extravagantly Exuberant Life

Richard Cramer and Carol Markel are the products of a creative and fun filled life.I met Carol at the New Museum  and have been meaning to get together with her ever since.  The two artists met at Elmira,an all female college, where  Cramer  was teaching at the time. Carol explains that she was inspired to sign up for Richard’s art class after his introduction to the faculty, “The girls were giggling in the crowds.After his introduction to the school I  was immediately  inspired to sign up for his art class.”

[Richard Cramer, Carol’s artistic inspiration]

Cramer is still quite the charmer exclaiming that before he dies, he would like to eat 144 oysters in a day, like Casanova . The couple told me stories and showed me their fantastic drawings and paintings, created   in their extremely organized loft style apartment. They explained that bare walls allow them to be absorbed in their work. They told me,”We are Minimal in our living, but extravagantly exuberant in our work.” We went through their current work, Richard’s large scale drawings of colorful birds interacting in urban and industrial landscapes, and Carol’s fanciful world of dressed up women. It was wonderful to see how they support and nurture each other’s creativity. 
Carol and Richard immerse themselves in the art world, attending gallery shows and museum exhibitions. They moved to New York in 1985 to a loft on Rivington. Carol worked a serious job for 35 years, while Richard taught art at The Tyler School of art, commuting back and forth from Philly. During these working years they always made art in their free time. Richard’s work is in several corporate art collections, and Carol recently made a hat for Amy Sedaris.It was so inspiring to see a couple that has made creativity a priority in their lives. Carol told me that although she was busy, it is always about priorities and that she always made time for art. Carol and Richard go to the gym together everyday, work on art, and travel.  I will post more on this magnificent couple soon, including images of their work. For now I hope you enjoy the photos above.

Reasons To Let Your Hair Go Gray

Many of you have written in with concerns about your gray hair. There are no rules when it comes to deciding whether or not to dye your hair. I think silver hair is stunning and agree with another silver haired fashionista, Lubi,that it should be called “Platinum Elegance.” My friend Jenny has never received so many compliments since letting her hair go gray three years ago. At the end of the day, do what makes you feel best and have fun in the process. Remember you can go gray today and gone tomorrow.