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Do You Fear Being A Creative Person?

I used to have a fear of being a creative person. I grew up making things and drawing, but at around twelve years old I stopped.I began to judge my work, making it hard for me to continue to create. It is only in the last few years that I have returned to drawing and taking pictures. I was tired of having ideas, and not going through with them, so one day I picked up my camera and started to photograph older stylish people. From there, it was easier to start drawing again, and I eventually felt comfortable with sharing my drawings with others.

Debra and I sat down to discuss how fear can stop us from being creative. She has helped me to understand that if we have FUN and enjoy the Process of creating that we can get over this fear. Many of the older ladies I meet tell me that they enjoy fashion, because they make it fun and don’t take it too seriously. This a a good place to start, it involves risk, but once you start you can change and develop what you are working on. We would love to hear your thoughts,fears and questions to continue this conversation about how to stop being fearful and start having fun.

The Last Photo

I have lived in New York about two and half years now and I often run into people that I  have previously Photographed. I have seen and photographed this dapper gentleman a few times before, and each time I am inspired by  his amazing style. Every time, he is  impeccably dressed in his signature style  of  perfectly worn jeans, a lovely hat, a tie with big knot, and cow boy boots. He looks a little different each time, changing his beloved accessories around to form new elegant combinations. He always seems to be in a hurry and hesitantly allows me to take his photo. I long to know his story what inspires his dress, where he has lived, what his career is, but with a nervous and unsteady hand I snap his photo and he walks away. 
This time he told me that it would be the last time I could photograph him. He is always kind, but doesn’t long for attention. He dresses for himself, it is what he knows.  I feel honored to have had  these three moments with him and I’m sure I’ll see him again. Maybe I can’ t take another photo of him, but his style and character will be forever in my mind.

In Love With Leopard

I met this woman in front of the Off Broadway Boutique the other day. I was on my way to give the owner,Lynn Dell, a present that I had picked up for her from Florida. It was a fun coincidence that this lady’s coat happened to match the gift!

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